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UVO will guide and assist our clients to identify the most efficient and cost-effective method of printing or publishing. With our years of experience, in-house facilities and well-established industry and supplier relationships we deliver a perfect product to our clients, big or small, time after time.


With the advantages of modern day technology we can serve our clients across the globe with creative concepts and designs. Our team of designers are all well qualified to assist in designs for all media outputs


Our copywriters and editors are able to tailor content to target a variety of audiences and marketing styles including social media, annual reports, focused marketing and product brochures, newsletters and advertising script. Translation services and proofreading form part of our offering.


UVO promotes the importance of brand appearance, visibility and communication. We have a solid track record in event management, planning and holding exhibitions, and organising exceptional conferences, aligning outstanding décor with our clients’ branding. We excel at indoor or outdoor branding, from murals to banners, gazebos or specialised items tailored to our clients’ needs.


Whether launching, managing or realigning a brand on any social media platform, UVO creates marketing exposure that reaches a clients’ targeted audience. Understanding the marketing influence of the synergy between language and designed has won UVO several accolades over the years.


The ability to handle multiple recordings, transcription and translation services in the various languages of South Africa while drafting a daily summary of the highlights and outcomes at conferences and meetings has earned UVO preferred status among national and international clients.


UVO accommodates short run print on demand, lithographic sheet feeds, and large format or packaging print. We have more than 30 years of experience in print and print production, with clients ranging from blue chip companies to start-ups. We offer printing on paper, cardboard, plastic, canvas or fabric using the ultramodern technology. UVO consistently delivers quality products on time. Our precision project management, offered at no additional cost, and professional service ensures return business from clients within and outside South Africa.

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Companies can spend thousands on producing marketing materials, social media campaigns or brand packaging and still not get their message across. Marketing messages not reaching their target audience is often the reason for unsuccessful campaigns. Our creative team and copywriters are able to write for a varied audience, in various styles that include technical and financial writing, and for a variety of platforms such as annual reports, social media, focused marketing and product brochures, newsletters and advertising copy. creative corporate slogans or storyboards and theme creation.



  • Understanding our clients and their target markets.
  • Award-winning designs.
  • Intelligent designs.
  • Combining visuals with text effectively.
  • Meeting every technical requirement of all printing standards.
  • Keeping to deadlines.

PRINT strategy

It is clear that printer-customer-relationships no longer just revolve around a simple ink-on-paper solution. Our account executives are trained to supply a comprehensive combination of products and services which greatly exceed all previous expectations.


UVO is a proud member of Printing SA, with managing director Heilet Grobler serving on the board of directors.

Multimedia design

UVO Communication and Print is one of the few print and design factories which has equipped itself with digital media communication expertise over the years.